Northern Virginia Tennis League

Frequently Asked Questions***

What is NVTL?

The Northern Virginia Tennis League (NVTL) is a volunteer-based organization founded in 1969 to arrange competitive tennis matches among its member clubs and promote the long-term development of tennis as a means of healthful recreation for all residents of Northern Virginia.  There are currently five divisions of play:  Men, Women-Day, Women-Evening, Mixed, and Juniors.  Matches are scheduled in the spring, generally between April and June.  Days and times vary by division.  NVTL is run by a volunteer board consisting of a President, VP for each division, Registrar/Webmaster, Secretary, and Treasurer.  

I’m new in town.  Can I play?

We would love for you to play!  NVTL teams are formed and managed by individual local area clubs.  Under NVTL rules, you must be a member of a club to play on the club's teams.  Membership criteria will vary from club to club.  Teams are not restricted by USTA level.  Depending on the club and the division, there may be a wide range of levels.

How does our club join?

Membership in NVTL is open to any tennis club or country club located in the Northern Virginia area which owns or controls a sufficient number of courts to host matches (as determined by the board).  Qualified new clubs must complete an application for membership and pay the annual fee.  Registration details are posted online, normally in early to mid February.  For additional information, please contact the Registrar/Webmaster at     


***If you have additional questions, please email a board member (see Contacts Tab).  If you are interested in serving on the board in the future, please reach out to the appropriate officer.

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